Most employer-provided short and long term disability benefits are governed by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act, commonly known as ERISA. If you have a short or long term disability policy governed by ERISA, this means that there are specific requirements that your employer or insurance company must adhere to. This also means that most state law causes of action – like bad faith claims – are preempted by ERISA, and those claims cannot be brought if you are wrongfully denied benefits. Fortunately, a Chicago ERISA lawyer can help you file a claim or an appeal so you can obtain the benefits you deserve.

The attorneys at Bryant Legal Group PC are experienced in assisting clients with short and long term disability claims that fall under the ERISA statute. We know the nuances of the law and how ERISA rules can impact your ability to obtain the benefits you need. When you work with our firm, our attorneys will explain the law and provide clear and straightforward answers to any questions you may have. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

How Our Chicago ERISA Law Firm Can Protect Your Rights

Employees participating in employer-provided benefit plans are granted several important rights under the ERISA statute, including the right to obtain copies of their benefits plans. The benefit plan is a detailed document which sets forth specific information as to what benefits you are entitled to receive along with any exceptions to these benefits. 

If you are looking to file a disability claim or have been denied benefits under an ERISA policy, our firm can help. Your ERISA disability attorney in Chicago will automatically make a request to the plan administrator to receive a complete copy of your benefit plan. We are very familiar with the complex language used in these types of plans and will thoroughly review documents to determine the rights and benefit you are owed. Our team will also assist you with the filing of your disability claim and take swift action to appeal any unfair or unreasonable decisions associated with your claim.

Denied an ERISA Disability Claim in Chicago? An Attorney Can Fight for Your Benefits

If you are sick or have been injured and are unable to work, it is very important to consult with an experienced Chicago ERISA attorney as early on as possible in the process. Waiting too long to appeal a denial and/or failing to submit enough evidence to support your claim can hurt your case and we may not be able to help. When you contact our firm early on we can work with you to prepare and file a claim with the necessary supporting evidence. In most situations, if your claim is denied and an appeal is unsuccessful you will not be permitted to submit any additional information during the litigation process. This means that is very important to work with a skilled ERISA attorney who will gather and file all the evidence needed to build the strongest case on your behalf.

Schedule a Consultation With a Chicago ERISA Lawyer Today to Discuss Your Benefits

Cases involving ERISA plans and benefits are riddled with procedural irregularities. This means that you need an experienced disability law firm who can properly advise you on your rights to pursue your disability benefits. The disability attorneys at Bryant Legal Group PC understand the complex rules and requirements under the ERISA statute and will work with you to ensure you receive all the benefit your plan provides. Contact a Chicago ERISA lawyer at our firm today by calling 312-561-3010 or emailing

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