If your spouse or parent dies, you and your family could be eligible to receive benefits based on their earnings. There are specific eligibility requirements for surviving spouse or child benefits. If you have filed a claim and received a denial and are not sure whether or not you meet the requirements for benefits, please call our office and we can evaluate your case.

If something happens to a worker, benefits may be payable to their widow, widower or surviving divorced spouse with a disability if he or she is between ages 50 and 60, their condition meets the definition of disability for adults as described above, and the disability started before or within seven years of the worker’s death. Note that if a widow or widower who is caring for the worker’s children receives Social Security benefits, he or she is still eligible if their disability starts before those payments end or within seven years after they end. If you have filed a claim for widow’s benefits and have been denied, please call our office for a no-cost evaluation of your claim.