Almost everyone who deals with the Social Security Administration and Medicare agrees that getting answers to questions and information is difficult, and frustrating to obtain from these agencies. Benefits can be even harder to get even under the best of circumstances. Establishing eligibility, qualifying events, claims processing, co-payments, and time limits for submitting and paying claims are all governed by detailed rules and regulations. The attorneys and professionals at Bryant Legal Group PC know the laws and can cut through Social Security red tape and fight for your rights.

A denial of Social Security Disability benefits need not be the end of your claim. There are several stages of appeal, and if necessary, Bryant Legal Group PC can pursue an unfavorable benefits determination in federal court. The attorneys at Bryant Legal Group PC know your rights and know the rules and regulations that apply to Social Security and Medicare claims and the complicated appeals process.

The attorneys at Bryant Legal Group PC have extensive experience with Social Security Disability and Medicare claims. When you need exceptional Social Security Disability or Medicare advice, experienced legal representation is just a phone call away. Whether you are filing a claim for the first time, or have just been denied benefits and need to appeal, contact Bryant Legal Group PC. We will give you a courteous, prompt, and detailed evaluation of your claim and discuss all of your options. You are not alone!