Also called a covenant not to compete, or a restrictive covenant, these are often contained in an employment agreement that is executed prior to the start of employment. Most employment agreements set out the obligations and expectations between the company and the employee with an eye toward minimizing future disputes. While compensation is the most obvious key issue in negotiations, employers are increasingly requiring new employees to sign a covenant not to compete, placing limitations on the employee upon termination (voluntary or involuntary). These may include restrictions on soliciting the company employees, or agreement not to compete with the company after termination.

Bryant Legal Group PC can negotiate on your behalf to avoid unreasonable restrictions that can prohibit you from earning a living in your chosen profession. Care must be exercised to ensure that any agreement is reasonable in scope and geography and does not extend unreasonably into the future. Our attorneys can also assist you through negotiation or litigation, if your employer is trying to enforce an unfair or overly restrictive covenant not to compete.