One of the most important tips is simple.  Always be honest with your doctors.  Your doctor appointments are not the time to put your best foot forward.  We frequently hear feedback from clients that they want their doctors to feel positive about their treatment and what they are doing to help them, so they in turn minimize their symptoms.

First and most importantly, your doctor needs an accurate report from you of your symptoms and their severity in order to provide the best treatment possible.  Secondarily, if you are filing a claim for disability and you always are telling your doctor that you are “feeling better” or having less symptoms (pain, fatigue, etc…), your medical records will reflect what you are telling your doctor not how you actually feel.  Your doctor is not a mind reader and cannot necessarily tell how you feel if you are not honest with him or her.

The most critical evidence for any disability claim is your medical records.  You want those records to be as accurate as possible and that requires that you be honest with your doctor.

If you have been honest with your doctor, but you have an opportunity to review your records and notice mistakes or inaccuracies in your records you may want to consider pursuing correction of those records.  There are several resources online for more information regarding correcting medical records, including: