You work hard protecting yourself, your family, and your financial future by investing in disability benefits.  When it comes time to use those benefits, whether from your employer or privately purchased, it is rarely as easy as it should be.  When your medical conditions are affecting your ability to work, we firmly believe that it is your responsibility to work with your physicians to restore your health.  At Bryant Legal Group PC, our Chicago disability lawyers are ready to help you through the process of applying for benefits, appealing adverse benefit determinations (denial of claims and termination of benefits), negotiating settlements, and litigating.  Our Chicago disability attorneys and staff work to get you everything you are entitled to.


As Chicago disability lawyers, we focus our practice on short term disability benefits, long term disability (“LTD”) benefits, income protection (individual disability / “IDI”) insurance coverage, business overhead expense (“BOE”) insurance coverage, life insurance coverage, and other employee benefits (i.e., health insurance benefits), so that we can provide you with the most current and accurate legal advice regarding your claims.  Whether you need an ERISA lawyer or insurance lawyer, Bryant Legal Group PC is here to review your case.  We understand the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), bad faith insurance law, contract law, and other areas of the law that will help you win your case—the same laws that the insurance company will use against you.

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How We Can Help You

From initial consultation through litigation, our disability attorneys let you know exactly what your rights are, how to best approach your claim, and the best avenue for resolution of your claim.  We pride ourselves in our ability to have difficult conversations with our clients regarding both the strengths and weaknesses of their cases.  If you are looking for that type of honesty in your legal representation, contact Bryant Legal Group PC.

We understand the ramifications of insurance contracts being complex agreements drafted by insurance companies.  Policyholders are often surprised when claims are denied.  Early consultation regarding your insurance coverage can often prevent avoidable denials and maximize available benefits.

If your health is making it difficult for you to keep working, contact us to discuss your potential disability claim.  Our staff is trained to gather the basic information relevant to your potential disability claim, so that we can provide you with our advice on how to proceed: review of documents, consultation, or representation.  If we cannot help, we will promptly notify you and refer you to an organization or other firm that may be able to assist you at your request.

If you have already filed a claim for disability benefits and have been denied, contact us for an initial interview.  Specific deadlines vary based on the type of disability claim.  Remember that you usually have a limited amount of time to appeal a claim denial, so contact us today!

We strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a disability attorney once you receive a denial of benefits.  If involved early on, Bryant Legal Group PC can lay the foundation for your case with a thoroughly developed appeal for an award of benefits, or for settlement, or for litigation of your claim.  Our experience litigating disability cases means that we have a wealth of information about how insurance companies handle claims.  We make that knowledge work for you!

The government and the insurance companies have their attorneys.  With Bryant Legal Group PC, you have your own representation to level the playing field.  We offer representation nationally in individual disability and long term disability insurance matters.  No matter where you are, you can turn to us for the help with your disability claim.

We are dedicated to developing unique strategies in individual cases to best represent our clients.  We do not believe in a one-size fits all approach to representing disability clients.  Our disability attorneys work collaboratively on each case to determine the best method and approach presenting the strongest possible claim for benefits.

Chicago Disability Lawyers

Bryant Legal Group PC proudly represents a wide variety of clients:

  • professional athletes, doctors, dentists, lawyers, traders, and industrial and trade workers;
  • employees and self-employed business owners; and
  • those with traditional and non-traditional lifestyles.

Filing for disability and dealing with a disability claim is, for most of our clients, a deeply personal experience.  Our disability attorneys work hard to develop relationships of trust with our clients so that we can have candid discussions about every aspect of their medical conditions, symptoms, and limitations related to their claims.  Bryant Legal Group PC understands how difficult it is to deal with insurance companies and SSA.  We strive to work with our clients professionally and compassionately to make that process a little bit easier.

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